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Many of our residents struggle to meet basic needs and battle significant problems. Supported by the Council, The Hub opened in 2009 to improve living conditions.

The Hub is based in the Village and is open six days a week. It offers residents free telephone, computer and Internet access, coordinated support services, other activities and, importantly, a place to meet. It promotes resident-led action and advocates for housing and social justice.


“This Village may be hidden away and tucked into West Auckland but a lot of people live here and need help.”
A hub volunteer

There is a professional social worker resident in The Hub five days a week as well as a team of dedicated support volunteers living at the Village.

Weekly visitors to The Hub include:

  • Health Nurses
  • Housing Services
  • Youth Services
  • Budgeting experts

Our tenants are often found on the Hub’s computers searching for jobs, contacting WINZ or other agencies, and making personal connections (through Facebook or email) as well as to search for housing or do other research.

“I live alone and being a volunteer at The Hub gets me out of my caravan. I can come to the hub and sit and chat with people; it helps to pass the time.”

“I really value my role as a volunteer. When it’s my turn to open up the hub I always know someone will be waiting for me. Some of us have lost our children and don’t have them anymore. It’s an overwhelming feeling of importance knowing someone needs me and I need to be there for them.”
a Hub volunteer

When residents are concerned about family or children, when they have medical conditions or financial hardship, when they need to go a Tangi or WINZ, they know they can depend on The Hub for help and support.

Assisted by The Hub, a number of families have secured more sustainable housing with Housing New Zealand Corporation and private landlords, a small number of residents have been employed, and up to 10 or more children now participate in early childhood education on site.

A children’s playground was re-sited and made safer, and other changes made to improve the park environment and accommodation.

Owner’s thoughts…
“For us, The Hub is a symbol of hope. It was founded on the belief that all people have a right to decent, secure, appropriate and affordable housing. We seek to exercise a duty of care for children and for vulnerable adults who struggle to advocate for themselves. We do not judge them because of their living circumstances. We invest time, resources and energy in The Hub because we believe park residents are worthy of respect as human beings and as members of our society.”

Make the hub an extension of your home in the park and use our professional services to get to where you want to be and where you want to go.